Announcement: Integrity Wrestling will not be holding classes this fall as previously planned. 

Please contact Clarkston Community Education for any future programs. Or please click on the below link:

or email Joe Wood @



Derek Moscovic



Mission Statement:  Integrity Wrestling’s goal is to provide an enjoyable educational wrestling programs based of off sound programmed fundamentals.  We believe the sport of wrestling can contribute to some of the greatest human characteristics through positive reinforcement and timely development.  Wrestling contributes not only to the development of athleticism in every sport but more importantly it can develop confidence, leadership, determination, pride and work ethic.

 Our mission at Integrity Wrestling is to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of wrestling in both confidence and mat technique.  We believe that each individual, if given the proper time to develop mat awareness, technique, muscle memory and confidence before competition, will result in a positive experience. We believe everyone can feel a positive, kind, and empowering experience through wrestling.

 Our well trained highly positive and enthusiastic staff provides a very enjoyable, safe, non competitive learning environment that will benefit every child that tries the sport of wrestling.  Integrity wrestling does not measure success of youth wrestling by metals or trophies. But rather by the confidence, pride and integrity that develops into a lifelong love for the sport of Wrestling. We believe if given the proper timely positive development, each given child will one day choose to compete at a higher level of wrestling.

 The sport of wrestling has always been one of greatest individual and team sports, and is still the purist sport in the world. We believe that no other sport develops such a wide array of personal and athletic attributes while at the same time developing inner confidence, personal pride and life long INTEGRITY.


Thank you,

 Derek Moscovic, President